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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Universal Dependencies v2

Executive summary of changes from v1 to v2

This is the online documentation for Universal Dependencies, version 2 (2016-12-01). Note: The treebanks listed below still follow the v1 guidelines available here.

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UD Treebanks

Ancient Greek 182K
Ancient Greek-PROIEL 198K -
Arabic 217K -
Arabic-NYUAD 629K -
Basque 97K
Belarusian 6K -
Bulgarian 140K
Catalan 472K
Chinese 111K
Coptic 3K
Croatian 183K -
Czech 1,330K
Czech-CAC 482K
Czech-CLTT 26K
Danish 94K
Dutch 197K -
Dutch-LassySmall 93K -
English 229K
English-ESL 88K
English-LinES 67K
English-ParTUT 38K
Estonian 34K -
Finnish 181K
Finnish-FTB 143K -
French 381K
French-ParTUT 17K
French-Sequoia 58K -
Galician 109K
Galician-TreeGal 14K
German 277K -
Gothic 45K -
Greek 51K
Hebrew 106K -
Hindi 316K -
Hungarian 37K
Indonesian 110K -
Irish 13K
Italian 195K
Italian-ParTUT 39K
Japanese 173K
Japanese-KTC 189K
Kazakh <1K
Korean 63K
Korean-Sejong 89K - ?
Latin 18K
Latin-ITTB 280K -
Latin-PROIEL 159K -
Latvian 44K -
Lithuanian 40K - ?
Norwegian-Bokmaal 280K
Norwegian-Nynorsk 276K
Old Church Slavonic 47K -
Persian 135K
Polish 72K -
Portuguese 201K
Portuguese-BR 268K -
Romanian 202K
Russian 87K
Russian-SynTagRus 988K
Sanskrit 1K -
Slovak 93K -
Slovenian 126K
Slovenian-SST 19K
Spanish 411K
Spanish-AnCora 495K
Swedish 76K
Swedish-LinES 64K
Swedish Sign Language <1K -
Tamil 8K -
Turkish 46K
Ukrainian 12K
Urdu 123K -
Uyghur 1K -
Vietnamese 31K -

Upcoming UD Treebanks

Amharic - - ? -
Buryat - -
Cantonese - -
Chinese-HK - -
Faroese - -
Kurmanji - - ?
Marathi - -
Serbian - -
Somali - -
Sorani - - ?

Disclaimer: Our use of flags to symbolise languages is only intended as a visual enhancement of the website and should not be interpreted as a political statement in any way.


The data is released through LINDAT/CLARIN.

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