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This page pertains to UD version 2.

VerbForm: form of verb or deverbative


Even though the name of the feature seems to suggest that it is used exclusively with verbs, it is not the case. Some verb forms in some languages actually form a gray zone between verbs and other parts of speech (nouns, adjectives and adverbs). For instance, participles may be either classified as verbs or as adjectives, depending on language and context. In both cases VerbForm=Part may be used to separate them from other verb forms or other types of adjectives.

Pomak has both finite verb forms and non-finite ones. Non-finite verb forms include the participles, the (residual)infinitive and the converbs.

Fin: finite verb

Rule of thumb: if it has non-empty Mood, it is finite.


Part: participle

Participle is a non-finite verb form that shares properties of verbs and adjectives.

In Pomak, participles are always tagged as ‘Tense=Past’ and they may be active or passive ones. A further division classifies them by their aspectual properties into perfective and imperfective ones.



Active participles:

Imperfective participles: Aspect=Imp|Voice=Act

Perfective participles: Aspect=Perf|Voice=Act

Passive participles:

Imperfective participles: Aspect=Imp|Voice=Pass

Perfective participles: Aspect=Perf|Voice=Pass

Conv: converb

The converb, also called adverbial participle, is a non-finite verb form that shares properties of verbs and adverbs. It appears e.g. in Slavic and Indo-Aryan languages.

In Pomak it is related only to imperfective verb forms.


Inf: infinitive

Infinitives of Pomak have an imperfective and a perfective form and a range of usages that are exemplified below. Among others, the infinitive forms the detering imperative Imperative when it appears after the particle namój / namójte “not”.


A very special type of Pomamk infinitives is related to a small number of imperfective verbs. These infinitives are repeated to form bilects that denote the continuous/monotonous/rythmic repetition of a motion, activity etc.


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