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This page pertains to UD version 2.

VerbForm: form of verb or deverbative

Fin: finite verb

Verbs that inflect for mood (Mood), tense (Tense) or person (Person) are finite and are assigned the VerbForm value Fin.


Inf: infinitive

The infinitive is the citation form of verbs in Swedish. The infinitive marker in Swedish is “att”. The infinitive may be used together with auxiliaries to form periphrastic tenses.


Part: participle

Participle is a non-finite verb form that in Swedish is used adjectively. The related supine form is used to form certain periphrastic verb tenses.


Stem: stem

Stem is a form of the verb that is only used as the modifier part of a compound. It occurs by itself only in cases of coordination where the head of the compound is not repeated. It then usually ends with a hyphen (-).


Sup: supine

Supine in Swedish is a special form of the past participle, used to form the composite past form of a verb. It is used after the auxiliary verb ha (to have) but not after vara (to be):


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