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This page pertains to UD version 2.

VerbForm: form of verb or deverbative

Values: Fin Inf Part Ger

Principally, VerbForm is an inflectional feature of verbs and auxiliaries, however, it is also used as a lexical feature of some adjectives and adverbs.

Fin: finite verb

Verbs that have a non-empty Mood are considered finite.Verbs t Finite verbs are those that are inflected to show agreement with the subject and indicate tense, mood, and sometimes aspect. They typically represent actions or states that are performed or experienced by the subject.


Inf: infinitive

Infinitive is the citation form of verbs. It is the base form of the verb that appears in dictionaries and serves as a non-finite verb form. Infinitives are often used as the argument of modal and other verbs.


Part: participle

Participles are verb forms that can function as adjectives or can be used in verb tense constructions. In Spanish, participles are typically formed by adding the suffixes -ado/-ada or -ido/-ida to the stem of the verb.


Ger: gerund

Gerunds are verb forms that function as adverbs or can be used in verb tense constructions. They typically end in -ando or -endo in Spanish.


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