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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Case: case

Values: Com Dat Loc Nom Tem

Case is an inflectional feature for nouns, pronounsand adjectives in Apurinã.
Apurinã has 5 inflectional cases.

Com: comitative / associative

The comitative (also called associative) case corresponds to English “together with …” -kata.


Dat: dative

The dative case expresses transfer to someone. -munhi


Loc: locative

The locative case expesses both spatial stationary and goal with . Additionally it can be used to express instrument.


Nom: nominative

The base form of the noun, this is the form with no case formative. It is used for both subject and object marking.


Tem: temporal

The temporal case is used to indicate duration or point in time -saaky


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