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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Case: case


Pomak is special among the southern slavic languages in that it retains four morphological cases of nouns, adjectives, passive participles and certain pronouns, namely the cases Nom, Gen, Acc και Voc. Cases are denoted with special morphology in both numbers (singular and plural) and in both the definite and non-definite forms of the aforementioned Parts of Speech. As in most languages, Pomak cases show a regular correlation with syntactic functions, for instance subjects are typically in the nominative case, direct objects in the accusative and possessors in the genitive case but this is only a strong tendency.

Nom: nominative


Gen: genitive

The genitive case is used to denote possessors. It also carries the functions of the dative case.



With the functions of the dative, namely as an indirect object and as the complement of certain prepositions:

Acc: accusative

The accusative case is typically used for the direct object of verbs and the complement of prepositions.


Voc: vocative

The vocative case is typically used to address someone.


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