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This page pertains to UD version 2.

nsubj: nominal subject

A nominal subject is a nominal phrase which is the syntactic subject of a clause; in Bulgarian, the phrase is condsidered to be in nominative (in spite of the fact that nouns in Bulgarian do not have declension) . (See csubj for when the subject is clausal. See nsubj:pass and csubj:pass for when the subject is not the proto-agent argument due to valence changing operations.) The governor of the nsubj relation might not always be a verb: when the verb is a copular verb, the root of the clause is the complement of the copular verb, which can be an adjective or noun.

В небето наизскачаха звезди . \n In-sky-the dashed stars .
nsubj(наизскачаха, звезди)
nsubj(dashed, stars)
Лепо беше хубаво момче . \n Lepo was a-pretty boy .
nsubj(момче, Лепо)
nsubj(boy, Lepo)

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