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This page pertains to UD version 2.

nsubj: nominal subject

nsubj relations are used for noun phrases that are the subject of a clause. In most cases these subjects are in the nominative (or construct, which can supersede nominative) case, however in past tenses subjects of transitive verbs are inflected in the oblique.

Ez Şerlok Holmes im, ev jî hevalê min ê ezîz Wetsin e . \n I am Sherlock Holmes  , and this is my dear friend Watson .
nsubj(Şerlok, Ez)
nsubj(Sherlock, I)
Ez kenîm û min got : ... \n I laughed and I‌ said : ...
nsubj(kenîm, Ez)
nsubj(laughed, I)
nsubj(got, min)
nsubj(said, I‌)

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