Universal Dependencies

nsubj: nominal subject

A nominal subject is a noun phrase which is the syntactic subject of a clause.

Ahmad ishlaydi \n Ahmad works
nsubj(ishlaydi, Ahmad)

nsubj is also used for subjects of adjectival or nominal predicates.

Ahmad shifokor \n Ahmad is a doctor
nsubj(shifokor, Ahmad)
Gul chiroyli \n The flower is beautiful
nsubj(chiroyli, Gul)

For existential sentences, “the thing that exists” is the subject. This includes possessive existentials.

Beshta olma bor \n There are five apples
nsubj(bor, olma)
Mening uchta ukam bor \n I have three brothers
nsubj(bor, ukam)

nsubj (without a subtype) is also used for the grammatical subject of a passivized verb. The subtype nsubj:pass is not used.

Xona tozalandi \n The room was cleaned
nsubj(tozalandi, Xona)

Note that csubj relation used for clausal subjects, even those with a the verbal noun head.