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This page pertains to UD version 2.

nsubj: nominal subject

A nominal subject is a noun phrase which is the syntactic subject of a clause.


Rachaidh abhaile `She will go home’

Rachaidh sí abhaile \n Will_go she home
nsubj(Rachaidh, sí)

In a copula construction, the nsubj is dependent on the predicate (in this case the noun réitigh ‘solution’).

Is réitigh sealadach iad `They are temporary solutions’

Is réitigh sealadach iad \n Is temporary solutions they
nsubj(réitigh, iad)
cop(réitigh, Is)

The head of an infinitival phrase can also be nsubj in a copula construction – in Irish, the infinitive verb form is a verbal noun.

Ar mhaith leat teach a cheannach ? ‘Would you like to buy a house?’

Ar mhaith leat teach a cheannach ? \n Is good with_you house to buy?
nsubj(mhaith, cheannach)

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