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This page pertains to UD version 2.

nsubj: nominal subject

A nominal subject is a noun phrase which is the syntactic subject of a clause.

Билим берүү министри кетти. \n The Minister of Education left.
nsubj(кетти, министр)

nsubj is also used for subjects of adjectival or nominal predicates.

Айдана  бийчи. \n Aidana is a dancer.
nsubj(бийчи, Айдана)

For existential sentences, “the thing that exists” is the subject. This includes possessive existentials.

Үч машина бар. \n There are three cars.
nsubj(бар, машина )

nsubj (without a subtype) is also used for the grammatical subject of a passivized verb. The subtype nsubj:pass is not used.

терезе ачылды. \n The window was opened. 
nsubj(ачылды, терезе )

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