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This page pertains to UD version 2.

case: case marking

The case relation is used for any preposition introducing a nomial construction French. Prepositions are treated as dependents of the noun they attach to or introduce in an “extended nominal projection”. Thus, UD does not treat a preposition as a mediator between a modified word and its object. The case relation aims at providing a uniform analysis of prepositions and case in morphologically rich languages.

Taxation individuelle de rentrée salariale \n Individual taxation of employment income
case(rentrée, de)
je travaille dans le privé là \n I currently work in the private sector
case(privé, dans)
un rassemblement devant le ministère de l' enseignement supérieur \n a gathering in front of the Ministry of Higher Education
case(ministère, devant)
case(enseignement, de)

When a preposition introduce a clause, the relation mark is used

En attendant , asseyez-vous ici \n While waiting, seat down here
mark(attendant, En)

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