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This page pertains to UD version 2.

case: case marking

The case relation is used for linking prepositions to their heads:

O văd pe Maria . \n Her see-I PE Mary . (I can see Mary.)
case(Maria, pe)
Pun cartea pe masă . \n Put-I book-the on table .
case(masă, pe)

When a preposition is used with non-finite verbs, it is analysed as mark:

Plecăm devreme pentru a nu întârzia . \n Leave-we early for to not be_late .
mark(întârzia, pentru)

Prepositions linking numerals to their nominal heads are dependents of the numerals.

30 de copii \n 30 of children
nummod(copii, 30)
case(30, de)

Compare this with numerals from 0 to 19 which take no preposition when modifying nouns:

3 copii \n 3 children
nummod(copii, 3)

Prepositions linking adverbs to their post-poned adjective or adverb heads are also mark on the modifying adverb:

incredibil de bun \n incredibly of good
advmod(bun, incredibil)
case(incredibil, de)
incredibil de bine \n incredibly of well
advmod(bine, incredibil)
case(incredibil, de)

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