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This page pertains to UD version 2.

case: case marking

Used for all prepositions, including the marker of accusative case ⲛ and all other prepositions, which are understood as ‘oblique’ cases. Nouns govern their prepositions as in all other Universal Dependency guidelines, and not the other way around.

ⲡ/DET ⲣⲏ/NOUN ϩⲛ/ADP ⲧ/DET ⲡⲉ/NOUN \n the sun in the sky

det(ⲣⲏ, ⲡ)
nmod(ⲣⲏ, ⲡⲉ)
det(ⲡⲉ, ⲧ)
case(ⲡⲉ, ϩⲛ) 

The hermeneutic particle ⲛϭⲓ, roughly ‘namely’, is also considered a case marker, assigning nominative case (it is only compatible with subject appositions, never objects or obliques, cf. Grossman 2014); see dislocated for more guidelines on ⲛϭⲓ.

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