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This page pertains to UD version 2.

case: case marking

The dependency type case is used for the adposition in pre- and postpositional phrases. The head of an adpositional phrase is the nominal, not the adposition, so as to analyze adpositional phrases similarly to nominal modifiers without an adposition. (Such nominal modifiers are frequent in Finnish, as cases are often used for the same purpose as adpositions.) To the same end, the type case is used in combination with the type nmod, which is also used for nominal modifiers when no adposition is present (see nmod).

Talo sijaitsee mäen takana . \n House is_located hill behind .
nsubj(sijaitsee-2, Talo-1)
nmod(sijaitsee-2, mäen-3)
case(mäen-3, takana-4)
punct(sijaitsee-2, .-5)

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