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This page pertains to UD version 2.

nmod: nominal modifier

Nominal modifiers are inflected nominals which modify most commonly a verb or a noun phrase. They can occur alone or together with an adposition in an adpositional phrase. Both cases are analyzed similarly, as semantically nominal modifiers and adpositional phrases are similar.

Maljakko oli pöydällä . \n The_vase was on_the_table .
nsubj(oli-2, Maljakko-1)
nmod(oli-2, pöydällä-3)
punct(oli-2, .-4)
Maljakko oli pöydän päällä . \n The_vase was table on_top_of .
nsubj(oli-2, Maljakko-1)
nmod(oli-2, pöydän-3)
case(pöydän-3, päällä-4)
punct(oli-2, .-5)

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