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This page pertains to UD version 2.

appos: appositional modifier

An appositional modifier of a noun is a nominal immediately following the first noun that serves to define or modify that noun. It includes parenthesized examples, as well as defining abbreviations in one of these structures.

Карл Четвертый , римский император и чешский король , царствовал в XIV веке . \n Charles IV , Roman Emperor and Czech king , ruled in 14th century .
appos(Карл, император)
appos(Charles, Emperor)
conj(император, король)
conj(Emperor, king)
Польская Социалистическая Партия ( ПСП ) \n Polish Socialist Party ( PSP )
appos(Партия, ПСП)
appos(Party, PSP)

There is a slight deviation from the universal standard in case of more than one appositive nominal. Instead of attaching them all to the first noun, all the appositive modifiers are put together in coordination, then attached as appos to the modified noun. This is done regardless whether the appositives are joined by a coordinating conjunction or just a comma.

Пришел Михаил , мой брат и кузен Давида . \n Came Mikhail , my brother and cousin of-David .
appos(Михаил, брат)
appos(Mikhail, brother)
conj(брат, кузен)
conj(brother, cousin)
Михаил , мой брат , кузен Давида , придет завтра . \n Mikhail , my brother , cousin of-David , will-come tomorrow .
appos(Михаил, брат)
appos(Mikhail, brother)
conj(брат, кузен)
conj(brother, cousin)

appos is also used to link key-value pairs in addresses, signatures, etc. (see also the list label):

Иван Петров , тел . : 8(495)-000-11-22 , e-mail : petrov@mail.ru
name(Иван, Петров)
list(Иван, тел)
list(Иван, e-mail)
appos(тел, 8(495)-000-11-22-7)
appos(e-mail, petrov@mail.ru)

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