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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

appos: appositional modifier

An appositional modifier of an NP is an NP immediately to the right of the first NP that serves to define or modify that NP. It also includes parenthesized examples.


Tá gearán déanta ag Unison, ceardchumann lucht na mbónaí bána, leis an gCoimisiún `Unison, the workers’ trade union, have made a complaint to the Commission’

Tá gearán déanta ag Unison , ceardchumann lucht na mbónaí bána , leis an gCoimisiún \n Is complaint made by Unison , trade_union group the collars white  , with the Commission
appos(Unison, ceardchumann)

Chas m’athair air sa tábhairne, O’ Shea’s i nDomhnach Broc `My father met him in the pub, O’ Shea’s in Donnybrook’

Chas m' athair air sa tábhairne , O' Shea's i nDomhnach Broc \n Met my father on him in_the pub , O' Shea's in Donnybrook []
appos(tábhairne, Shea's)

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