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This page pertains to UD version 2.

appos: apposition

Appositional modifiers are used in Uralic languages typically for a couple of constructions where nominals are followed immediately by nouns, e.g. addresses, titles and so forth. In many Uralic languages, especially in computational systems, appositional structure is utilised to carry morphosyntactic information when another nominal phrase (esp. Proper nouns) cannot easily be inflected.


Professori , Matti Tamminen , luennoi tänään . \n The_professor , Matti Tamminen , lectures today .
appos(Professori-1, Tamminen-4)
punct(Tamminen-4, ,-2)
punct(Tamminen-4, ,-5)
name(Tamminen-4, Matti-3)
nsubj(luennoi-6, Professori-1)
advmod(luennoi-6, tänään-7)
punct(luennoi-6, .-8)
Kirjassa Putkinotko on mielenkiintoinen juoni . \n In_the_book Putkinotko is interesting plot .
appos(Kirjassa-1, Putkinotko-2)
nmod(on-3, Kirjassa-1)
nsubj(on-3, juoni-5)
amod(juoni-5, mielenkiintoinen-4)
punct(on-3, .-6)

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