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This page pertains to UD version 2.

appos: apposition

An apposition (appos) is a grammaticalized, paradigmatic addition (usually a noun phrase), which has the same referent as its head word, and the same grammatical function (see ISK §1059). Also structures with a supporting noun (see ISK §567) are considered appositional. Appositional structures and the closely related appellation modifiers are discussed in detail in the document on specific syntactic constructions in Finnish.

Professori , Matti Tamminen , luennoi tänään . \n The_professor , Matti Tamminen , lectures today .
appos(Professori-1, Tamminen-4)
punct(Tamminen-4, ,-2)
punct(Tamminen-4, ,-5)
name(Tamminen-4, Matti-3)
nsubj(luennoi-6, Professori-1)
advmod(luennoi-6, tänään-7)
punct(luennoi-6, .-8)
Kirjassa Putkinotko on mielenkiintoinen juoni . \n In_the_book Putkinotko is interesting plot .
appos(Kirjassa-1, Putkinotko-2)
nmod(on-3, Kirjassa-1)
nsubj(on-3, juoni-5)
amod(juoni-5, mielenkiintoinen-4)
punct(on-3, .-6)

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