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This page pertains to UD version 2.

appos: appositional modifier

An appositional modifier of a noun is a nominal immediately following the first noun that serves to define, modify, name, or describe that noun. In Slovenian treebanks, the appos relation is only used for appositions which are separated from the phrase they refer to by a comma, parentheses or other types of punctuation.

Območje medenice je središče telesa , glavna peč , ki greje in uravnava vse telo \n Pelvis area is center of-body , central furnace , that warms and regulates whole body
Dianne se je sprla z Liso , svojo prijateljico , in se je odločila, da gre domov \n Dianne REFLEX she-aux-PAST fought with Lisa , her friend , and REFLEX she-aux-PAST decided , to go home

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