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This page pertains to UD version 2.

appos: appositional modifier

An appositional modifier of a noun is a nominal immediately following the first noun that serves to define or modify that noun. It includes parenthesized examples, as well as defining abbreviations in one of these structures.

Ali , en iyi arkadaşım , beni partiye davet etmedi . \n Ali, my best friend, did not invite me to the party .
appos(Ali, arkadaşım)
Devlet Tiyatroları ( DT ) \n State Theatre ( DT )
appos(Tiyatroları, DT)

appos is also used to link key-value pairs in addresses, signatures, etc. (see also the list label):

Ali Yılmaz ,  tel : 555-55-55 , email : ali@example.com
name(Ali, Yılmaz)
list(Ali, tel)
list(Ali, email)
appos(tel, 555-55-55)
appos(email, ali@example.com)

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