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This page pertains to UD version 2.

PronType: pronominal type

Values: Art Dem Emp Exc Ind Int Neg Prs Rcp Rel Tot

This feature typically applies to pronouns, determiners and pronominal adverbs.

Prs: personal or possessive personal pronoun or determiner

See also the Poss feature that distinguishes normal personal pronouns from possessives. Note that Prs also includes reflexive personal/possessive pronouns (e.g. իրեն / իր  see the Reflex feature).


Int: interrogative pronoun, determiner or adverb

Note that possessive interrogative determiners (whose) can be distinguished by the Poss feature. Interrogative determiners can be used as exclamatives with exclamation mark or stress.


Rel: relative pronoun or determiner or adverb

All pronouns and determiners that mark the beginning of a relative clause have this feature. Note that this class overlaps with interrogatives. There are no pronouns that are only relative.


Exc: exclamative determiner

Exclamative pro-adjectives (determiners) express the speaker’s surprise towards the modified noun. In Armenian exclamative determiners are recruited from the set of interrogative or demonstrative determiners.


Rcp: reciprocal pronoun


Art: article

Article is a special case of determiner that bears the feature of definiteness. Note, that in Armenian Def value is marked directly on nouns.

See also the related features Number[psor] and Person[psor].


Dem: demonstrative pronoun, determiner or adverb

Note that Armenian make a distinction between proximal or first person (objects near to the speaker), medial or second person (objects near to the addressee), and distal or third person (objects far from both) demonstratives. We distinguish also a separate feature of Distance.


Emp: emphatic pronoun or determiner

As emphatic pro-adjectives (determiners) these emphasize the nominal they depend on. There are similarities with personal, demonstrative, reflexive and possessive pronouns / determiners.

See also the Number[psor] and Person[psor] features for further details.


Tot: total (collective) pronoun or determiner


Neg: negative pronoun or determiner

Negative pronominal words are distinguished from negating particles and from words that inflect for polarity (verbs.) Those words do not use PronType=Neg, they use Polarity=Neg instead. See Polarity and Connegative for further details.


Ind: indefinite pronoun, determiner or adverb


PronType in other languages: [arr] [bej] [bg] [bm] [bor] [cs] [el] [en] [es] [fi] [fr] [ga] [gd] [gn] [gub] [gun] [hu] [hy] [it] [ka] [kpv] [ky] [la] [myu] [pcm] [qpm] [sga] [sl] [sv] [tr] [tt] [u] [uk] [urj] [xav] [zh]