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This page pertains to UD version 2.

PronType: pronominal type

Values: Dem Emp Int Prs Rcp Rel

Prs: personal pronoun, including reflexive

There is a number of reflexive verbs, which have reflexive pronoun as a direct object. According to the UD guidelines, reflexive verbs are grouped with personal pronouns (PronType=Prs) and distinguished by a special feature Reflex=Yes.


Rcp: reciprocal pronoun


Rel: relative pronoun

Relative pronoun mín is used in relative clause.


Dem: demonstratives

In Bamana, there are two demonstratives ò ‘that’ and nín ‘this’. They can be pronouns or determinatives.


Emp: emphatic serie of personal pronouns

Personal pronouns in Bamana have two series: basic one and emphatic one. The use of emphatic pronouns depends of informational structure.


Int: interrogatives

This value is used with the interrogative adverb min “where”.


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