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This page still pertains to UD version 1.

PronType: pronominal type

In English, this feature applies to pronouns, determiners and pronominal adverbs.

Prs: personal or possessive personal pronoun or determiner

See also the Poss feature that distinguishes normal personal pronouns from possessives. Note that Prs also includes reflexive personal/possessive pronouns.

The following pronouns have this feature:

Art: article

Article is a special case of determiner that bears the feature of definiteness.

In English, the following three determiners have this feature:

Int: interrogative pronoun, determiner or adverb

Note that the possessive interrogative determiner (whose) can be distinguished by the Poss feature.

In English, all words with the PTB tag WDT, WP, WP$ or WRB have this feature unless they mark the beginning of a relative clause.


Rel: relative pronoun or determiner

All pronouns and determiners that mark the beginning of a relative clause have this feature.


Dem: demonstrative determiner or adverb

The following determiners and adverbs have this feature:

Note that that only has this feature when it is being used as a demonstrative determiner. If it is used to mark the beginning of a clausal complement or a relative clause it does not have this feature.

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