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This page pertains to UD version 2.

DET: determiner


Determiners are words that modify nouns or noun phrases and express the reference of the noun phrase in context. That is, a determiner may indicate whether the noun is referring to a definite or indefinite element of a class, to a closer or more distant element, to an element belonging to a specified person or thing, to a particular number or quantity, etc.

Determiners under this definition include both articles and pro-adjectives (pronominal adjectives). An important point to note is that the traditional grammar of Armenian does not define determiners as a separate word class. Most determiners are traditionally called pronouns; that is, a UD-conformant annotation of Armenian must distinguish between substantive pronouns (UD tag PRON) and attributive pronouns (UD tag DET).

Also note that the DET tag includes (pronominal) quantifiers (words like քանի, այսքան, մի քանի, բոլոր, ողջ  “how many, this many, several, all, whole”), which the traditional grammar classifies as a special subclass of pronouns.

Note that in Armenian nominal usually allows one DET modifier, but there are occasional cases of addeterminers, which appear outside the usual determiner, such as այս in այս բոլոր հարցերը  “all these questions.” In such cases, both այս  “these” and բոլոր  “all” are given the POS DET.


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