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This page pertains to UD version 2.

PronType: pronominal type

Values: Prs Art Int Rel Dem Tot Neg Ind Exc Predet Ord

This feature typically applies to pronouns, determiners, pronominal numerals (quantifiers) and pronominal adverbs.

Prs: personal or possessive personal pronoun or determiner

See also the Poss feature that distinguishes normal personal pronouns from possessives and the Clitic feature that tells whether the pronoun is a clitic. Note that Prs also includes reflexive personal/possessive pronouns (see the Reflex feature).


Art: article

Article is a special case of determiner that bears the feature of definiteness.


Int: interrogative pronoun, determiner, numeral or adverb

Note that possessive interrogative determiners (whose) can be distinguished by the Poss feature.


Note: for the time being we do not use the feature ProntType=Int interrogative pronouns such as dove “where” and quando “when” in sentences like Dov’ è Siena? “Where is Siena?”.

Rel: relative pronoun, determiner, numeral or adverb


Dem: demonstrative pronoun, determiner, numeral or adverb

These are often parallel to interrogatives.


Note: Demonstrative adverbs such as qui “here” and “there”, ora “now” e allora “then” are not marked with PronType=Dem.

Tot: total (collective) pronoun, determiner or adverb


We are not using PronType=Tot.

Neg: negative pronoun, determiner or adverb


We distinguish only negative adverbs such as: non, nemmeno, neppure.

Ind: indefinite pronoun, determiner, numeral or adverb


Exc: exclamative determiners.


Predet: predeterminer. This value is language specific.

It is always used along with det:predet dependency relations.


Ord: ordinal pronouns. This value is language specific.

It is used to mark ordinal pronouns. Part of speech is PRON/NO. When ordinals are used as noun modifiers they are marked as [ADJ].


PronType in other languages: [arr] [bej] [bg] [bm] [bor] [cs] [el] [en] [es] [fi] [fr] [ga] [gd] [gn] [gub] [gun] [hu] [hy] [it] [ka] [kpv] [ky] [la] [myu] [pcm] [qpm] [sga] [sl] [sv] [tr] [tt] [u] [uk] [urj] [xav] [zh]