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This page pertains to UD version 2.

discourse: discourse element

This is used for interjections and other discourse particles and elements (which are not clearly linked to the structure of the sentence, except in an expressive way). We generally follow the guidelines of what the Penn Treebanks count as an INTJ. They define this to include: interjections (oh, uh-huh, Welcome), fillers (um, ah), and non-adverbial discourse markers (well, like, but not you know or actually). We also use discourse for list enumerators (e.g. 1., (a) marking an item in a sequence). (Bullets, by contrast, are considered punctuation and attach as punct.)

These discourse elements are attached to the head of the most relevant nearby unit, often a clause.

Iguazu is in Argentina :)
discourse(Argentina-4, :)-5)
5/NUM . Cool for 10 minutes and serve .
discourse(Cool, 5)
punct(5, .-2)
To enter the stadium , you must not have — ( a ) a weapon ; ( b ) any food ; and ( c ) any drink .
discourse(weapon, a-12)
discourse(food, b)
discourse(drink, c)
conj(weapon, food)
conj(weapon, drink)
cc(drink, and)

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