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This page pertains to UD version 2.

discourse: discourse element

This is used for interjections and other discourse particles and elements (which are not clearly linked to the structure of the sentence, except in an expressive way).

Evet , bugün geldim . \n Yes, I arrived today .
discourse(geldim, Evet)
Aferin , okumuşsun . \n Well done! You must have read it.
discourse(okumuşsun, Aferin)
Peki , kitabı okudun mu ? \n OK, have you read the book?
discourse(okudun, Peki)
Okudu mu acaba ? \n Did he\/she read (I wonder) ?
discourse(Okudu, acaba)
Çabuk okusa bari . \n I wish he reads quickly 'bari'
discourse(okusa, bari)

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