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This page pertains to UD version 2.

discourse: discourse element

Discourse elements are interjections, exclamations or emoticons. They are attached to the main verb or predicative of the sentence with the discourse dependency type. In Finnish, these do not include other discourse markers.

Hei , tule auttamaan ! \n Hey , come to_help !
discourse(tule-3, Hei-1)
punct(Hei-1, ,-2)
xcomp(tule-3, auttamaan-4)
punct(tule-3, !-5)
Hmm ... Mitähän tuohon sanoisi ? \n Umm ... What to_that to_say ?
discourse(sanoisi-5, Hmm-1)
punct(Hmm-1, ...-2)
obj(sanoisi-5, Mitähän-3)
nmod(sanoisi-5, tuohon-4)
punct(sanoisi-5, ?-6)
Iguazu on Argentiinassa :]  \n Iguazu is in Argentina :]
discourse(on-2, :]-4)


Turku Dependency Treebank

These do not include other discourse markers than interjections or exclamations.

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