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This page pertains to UD version 2.

discourse: discourse element

The discourse relation is used for interjections and other discourse particles and elements (which are not clearly linked to the structure of the sentence, except in an expressive way). This includes: interjections (ох “oh”, вау “wow”), fillers (ммм ”um”, э-э-э ”ah”), and discourse markers including emoticons (ну “well”, :) ).

Игуасу в Аргентине :) \n Iguazu is in Argentina :)
discourse(Аргентине, :)-4)
discourse(Argentina, :)-10)
Ох , вы издеваетесь ! \n Oh , you 're joking !
discourse(издеваетесь, Ох)
discourse(joking, Oh)

Note that in Russian, the parentheticals (значит “I mean”, так сказать “so to say”) are labeled parataxis and the question particle ли “whether” used as a marker of the Yes-No questions is labeled advmod.

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