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This page pertains to UD version 2.

discourse: discourse element

The discourse label is used to connect interjections and other discourse particles which are not clearly linked to the structure of the sentence except in an expressive way to a clause.


Á, níl sé chomh holc sin!Aw, it is not as bad as that!’

Á , níl sé chomh holc sin ! \n Aw , is_not it as bad that !
discourse(níl, Á)

Leoga, tá aitheantas tugtha dóibhIndeed, they are given recognition’

Leoga , tá aitheantas tugtha dóibh \n Indeed , is recognition given to\_them
discourse(tá, Leoga)

Och, a chumannaigh!Ah, comrades!’

Och , a chumannaigh ! \n Ah , my comrades !
discourse(chumannaigh, Och)

Ó glacaim pardún agatOh, I beg your pardon!’

Ó , glacaim pardún agat \n Oh , I_take pardon at_you!
discourse(glacaim, Ó)

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