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This page pertains to UD version 2.

discourse: discourse element

Discourse elements are interjections, exclamations or emoticons. They are attached to the main verb or predicative of the sentence with the discourse dependency type.

Жоқ , Айгүлдің күшігі жоқ . \n No , Aygül's dog not-existing-is .
discourse(жоқ-5, Жоқ-1)
nsubj(жоқ-5, күшігі-4)

And another example:

Жоқ , хат жазып берейін . \n No , letter writing let-me .
discourse(жазып-4, Жоқ-1)

The discourse label is also used for modal words, and the question word (ма):

Ал Айгүлдің күшігі бар ма ? \n And Aygül's dog existing-is does-it ?
discourse(бар-4, ма-5)
nsubj(бар-4, күшігі-3)

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