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This page pertains to UD version 2.

flat: flat

flat is one of the relations for compounding in UD. In Russian it is used to join the first name of a person with the patronymic and the last name and in the date and month construction (31 декабря “31 December“).

The leftmost name is always the head and the other name(s) are attached to it.

The relation is not used to attach adjectives to nouns within multi-word names of places, organizations etc.

Президент Владимир Владимирович Путин вчера посетил Минеральные Воды . \n President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin yesterday visited Mineralnye Vody .
flat(Владимир, Владимирович)
flat(Vladimir, Vladimirovich)
flat(Владимир, Путин)
flat(Vladimir, Putin)
nmod(Владимир, Президент)
nmod(Vladimir, President)
amod(Воды, Минеральные)
amod(Vody, Mineralnye)
Нью - Йорк \n New York
flat(Нью, Йорк)
flat(New, York)

(Places in electronic communication are offen written as a multitoken expression, eg. Нью - Йорк, Нью Йорк “New York“).


Dates such as 31 декабря “31 December“, на первое мая “on the 1st of May“ have a flat structure since the ordinal numeral does no agree with the name of month (cf. на первое “on 1st“, accusative neuter, and мая “of May“, genitive masculine) and historically can be considered as the result of grammatisized ellipsis (cf. на первое число мая “on the 1st date of May“).

31 декабря \n 31 December
flat(31-1, декабря)
flat(31-4, December)

Street addresses

The street addresses written informally such as Гагарина 35 “Gagarin (st.) 35“ have a flat structure as well. The numeral (the number of the building) is attached to the noun (street name) using the flat relation.

Гагарина 35 \n Gagarin 35
flat(Гагарина, 35-2)
flat(Gagarin, 35-5)

In more formal writings, the address is annotated using the list and appos relations.

ул. Гагарина , д. 35 \n st. of-Gagarin , build. 35
list(ул., д.)
list(st., build.)
nmod(ул., Гагарина)
nmod(st., of-Gagarin)
nmod(д., 35-2)
nmod(build., 35-5)

Grades with minus, plus and asterisks

Grades written as 5 -, A +, B *** are annotated using the flat relations. However, when the words минус, _плюс, or symbols are used before the nominal they are attached using the compound relation.

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