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This page pertains to UD version 2.

compound: compound

The compound relation is one of three relations for multiword expressions (MWEs) (the other two being fixed and flat). It is used for
any kind of X0 compounding: noun compounds (e.g., стресс менеджмент “stress management”, Жар птица “Fire bird”), but also adjective compounds (e.g., бэд блоки “bad blocks”, мини колонка “mini speaker”, Гранд отель “Grand hotel”) and some other types (+ 1, № 1). Compounds are not typical for the literary Russian language but are widely used in electronic communication. Note that some clitics can divide two parts of the composite word that would otherwise be written as one word: in this case, the first part is attached as compound.

на минус втором этаже \n on-the minus second floor  
compound(втором, минус)
compound(second, minus)
в бизнес же центре \n in the business , well , center
compound(центре, бизнес)
compound(center, business)

In Russian compound is regulary used in compound numerals. The rightmost numeral is the head, the other numerals are attached as its modifiers. Note that in Russian the words тысяча “thousand”, миллион “million”, миллиард “billion”, etc. change case depending the numeral of a smaller number to their left, so this relation cannot be considered compound (the numeral of a smaller number is attached to тысяча etc. as nummod).

Это будет стоить максимум 5 тысяч 500 рублей . \n It will cost at-most 5 thousand 500 rubles .
nummod:gov(рублей, 500-7)
nummod:gov(rubles, 500-17)
nummod:gov(тысяч, 5-5)
nummod:gov(thousand, 5-15)
compound(500-7, тысяч)
compound(500-17, thousand)
Это будет стоить пятьдесят пять тысяч рублей . \n It will cost fifty five thousand rubles .
nummod:gov(рублей, тысяч)
nummod:gov(rubles, thousand)
compound(тысяч, пятьдесят)
compound(thousand, fifty)
nummod:gov(тысяч, пять)
nummod:gov(thousand, five)
в двадцать первом веке . \n in-the twenty first century .
compound(первом, двадцать)
compound(first, twenty)


The compound relation (nor any subtype thereof) is not used in the Russian serial verb constructions such as сижу смотрю “I’m just sitting here watching”, сходи купи (мороженое) “go get (an ice cream)”. The second verb is attached to the first one using the flat relation.

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