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This page pertains to UD version 2.

flat: flat

The flat relation is one of the three relations for compounding in UD (together with compound and fixed). It is used for proper nouns constituted of multiple nominal elements. For example, flat would be used between the words of Hillary Rodham Clinton, New York, or Carl XVI Gustaf but not to replace the usual relations in a phrasal or clausal name like The king of Sweden or the novels The Lord of the Rings and Captured By Aliens.

Words joined by flat should all be part of a minimal noun phrase; otherwise regular syntactic relations should be used. This is basically similar to the treatment of noun compounds with compound, except that in many cases parts of the name may be another nominal element such as an adjective (United Airlines).

In general, names are annotated in a flat, head-initial structure, in which all words in the name modify the first one using the flat label.

Carl XVI Gustav
flat(Carl, XVI)
flat(Carl, Gustav)
Frankfurt an dem Main
nmod(Frankfurt, Main)
case(Main, an)
det(Main, dem)

The relation flat is also used with titles that would otherwise not be considered a complete noun phrase on their own.

Herr Meier
flat(Herr, Meier)

Moreover, dates are also connected with the relation flat.

24 Dezember 2011
flat(24, Dezember)
flat(24, 2011)

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