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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Mood: mood

Values: Imp Ind

Mood expresses modality and subclassifies finite verb and auxiliary forms. Modern Greek morphologically distinguishes between two moods, Indicative and Imperative.

Participles and the so-called Infinitive of Modern Greek are assigned the tag Verb but are not defined for the Mood feature.

Ind: indicative

Indicative can be considered the default mood.


Imp: imperative

Imperative is used to order or ask the addressee to do the action denoted by the verb.

Modern Greek verbs morphologically mark the imperfective and perfective singular and plural second person of the active and passive imperative.


Both the second and the third person of the imperative of perfective and imperfective passive and active verbs and be formed with να and the indicative mood.


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