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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Mood: mood

The default is the indicative mood which is not currently marked.

Cnd: conditional mood

This is used for things that might happen, but also for things that happened habitually in the past. It applies to verbs.


Imp: imperative mood

The imperative mood is used to give a command, express advice, or make a request. It applies to verbs.


Int: interrogative mood

The interrogative mood is used for the interrogative forms an (affirmative) and nach (negative) of the copula. Otherwise we use PartType=Int on the particle.


Mood in other languages: [ab] [akk] [arr] [bej] [bg] [bm] [cs] [cy] [el] [eme] [en] [es] [ess] [et] [fi] [fr] [ga] [gd] [gn] [gub] [hbo] [hu] [hy] [it] [jaa] [ka] [ky] [mdf] [myv] [pcm] [qpm] [qtd] [quc] [ru] [say] [sl] [sv] [tpn] [tr] [tt] [u] [ug] [uk] [urb] [urj]