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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Aspect: aspect

Values: Perf Imp Prog Iter

Aspect is a feature that specifies duration of the action in time, whether the action has been completed, ongoing etc.

Tatar does not have a grammatical distinction in verbal finite forms. However, aspectual difference matterns in some non-finite forms that introduce adverbial clause (converbs). The following describes the values used for Aspect together with the suffixes that typically introduce the defined Aspect value.

Perf: perfect aspect

A converb suffix -гач, -кач, -гәч, -кәч implies that the event denoted by the verb is completed.


Imp: imperfect aspect

The action took / takes / will take some time span and there is no information whether and when it was / will be completed. This aspect is marked with a converb suffix -ганчы, -канчы, -гәнче, -кәнче.


Prog: progressive aspect

Action is in progress with respect to current or a reference time.

Tatar distinguishes this aspect only in a converb construction (“while …”) with a suffix or .


Iter: iterative aspect

The action or event is repeated iteratively.


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