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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Aspect: aspect

Values: Hab Inch

Aspect is a feature that specifies duration of the action in time, whether the action has been completed etc. There is much still to be studied in Moksha aspect. Presently, inchoative is readily distinguished, whereas others still require classification and are not marked for aspect.

Hab: habitual past (Preterit 2) -Оль

Is homonymous to the conjunctive (aka subjunctive) mood, though quite infrequent in the Moksha regular indicative conjugation, it indicates past habitual.


Inch: inchoative

The inchoative is typically expressed by the verb кармамс It contributes in past and non-past tense to Moksha aspect.


Perf: Perfective

The perfective aspect is typical of the past participle in -ф


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