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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Aspect: aspect

Values: aor imp perf pfv

In Beja, aspect is an inflexionnal feature of verbs, auxiliaries and verbal affixes/clitics (see SCONJ, PART) that specifies the duration and completion of processes in time.

Aor: aorist

The aorist expresses semantic values of habituality, repetition, general truth and anteriority. It can also be also used in backgrounded contexts, and for the expression of a wish. It is not time referenced.


Imp: imperfective

The imperfective marks an unbounded process or state, seen from the point of view of its unfolding and not as a bounded or completed event. It can be used in any temporal context, past, present or future.


Perf: perfect

The perfect has a resultative value. The process or state is considered as having an impact on the moment of enunciation or another moment given by the context.


Pfv: perfective

The perfective marks a bounded process or state, independently of any temporal benchmark.


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