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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Aspect: aspect

Aspect is a lexical feature of verbs that specifies the duration and completion of action in time.

Slovenian grammar distinguishes two aspect values: imperfect and perfect. Pairs of imperfective and perfective verbs exist and are often morphologically related, but the verbs are considered to belong to separate lemmas.

Imp: imperfect aspect

The action took / takes / will take some time span and there is no information whether and when it was / will be completed.


Perf: perfect aspect

The action has been / will have been completed. Since there is emphasis on one point on the time scale (the point of completion).


Verbs without Aspect

Verbs without Aspect are considered to be biaspectual, i.e. they can either denote duration or completion, but their actual interpretation depends on the context.

Conversion from JOS

Verbs with Aspect=perfective are converted to Aspect=Perf, verbs with Aspect=imperfective are converted Aspect=Imp and verbs with Aspect=biaspectual are not assigned the Aspect feature.

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