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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Aspect: aspect

Values: Imp Perf

Aspect in Modern Greek specifies the point of view the speaker adopts, that is, whether he views the event as a completed whole or he focues on the temporal structure of the event (continuation, duration, iteration). Modern Greek verbs do not provide different lemmas for their two morphologically distinct aspectual types.

Imp: imperfect aspect

The event is viewed from within: it took / takes / will take some time span and there is no information whether and when it was / will be completed.


Perf: perfect aspect

The event is viewed as a (completed) whole. The verb form that combines perfect aspect and past tense is independent. All other verb forms that bear the feature-value pair Aspect=Perf should be supported by an auxiliary, namely έχω or θα.



Georgios I. Xydopoulos. 1996. Tense, aspect, and adverbials in Modern Greek. PhD Thesis. University College London

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