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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Aspect: aspect

Values: imperfective perfect progressive

In Bambara, aspect is expressed mainly by auxiliaries.

Imp: imperfect

The imperfective auxiliary is bɛ́ (negative equivalent tɛ́).


Perf: perfect

The expression of perfective aspect depend on transitivity of a verb. If a verb is transitive, an auxiliary is yé (negative equivalent tɛ́).


If a verb is intransitive, a suffix -ra is used. In the negation, there is still an auxiliary tɛ́.

Prog: progressive

The progressive aspect is used to indicate ongoing processes. There are several ways to express progressive, the most common is with auxiliary bɛ́kà (negative equivalent tɛ́kà).


Another way to express progressive is to use a verbal noun with a postposition lá.

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