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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Aspect: Aspect

Values: Prog IncProg Iter Inc

Prog Progressive

Prog: Prog

The progressive aspect is marked by the suffix -nu


Inc: Incipient

The incipient aspect is coded by the suffix -gody and indicates that an action starts to happen.


IncProg Incipient progressive

IncProg: IncProg

Incipient progressive is a combination of the incipient aspect (gody) with the progressive aspect (nu) indicates that an event is beginning to happen.


Iter Iterative

Iter: Iter

The iterative aspect, indicating that the event frequently happens is coded by the reduplication of the predicate.


Imi Imminent


Prague Dependency Treebank

The PDT tagset does not distinguish Ptan from Plur and Coll from Sing, therefore this distinction is not being made in the converted data.

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