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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Aspect: aspect

Values: Imp Perf

Aspect is a feature that specifies duration of the action in time, whether the action has been completed etc.

In Czech, aspect is considered a lexical feature of verbs. While many imperfective verbs have morphologically related perfective counterparts, it is not a regular system and the two verbs are represented by different lemmas.

Imp: imperfect aspect

The action took / takes / will take some time span and there is no information whether and when it was / will be completed.


Perf: perfect aspect

The action has been / will have been completed. Since there is emphasis on one point on the time scale (the point of completion), this aspect does not work well with the present tense. Czech morphology can create present forms of perfective verbs but these actually have a future meaning.



Prague Dependency Treebank

The PDT tagset does not encode aspect. However, verb lemmas in PDT contain their own features that encode the aspect: _:T = Imp and _:W = Perf. These lemma features were removed during conversion, and the Aspect feature was introduced instead.

Unfortunately the morphological lexicon underlying the PDT annotation is incomplete and numerous verbs lack the aspect information. Without this imperfection there would be only a tiny group of verbs that work with both aspects.

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