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This page pertains to UD version 2.

Aspect: aspect

Values: Cont Compl Iter

Aspect shows the internal temporal structure of a situation.

Cont: Continuative

The continuative aspect expresses imperfectivity not occasioned by habit.

The morpheme -o appears after a final consonant or vowel, only with a 3rd person subject.

The morpheme (after a vowel) or -iɲ (after a consonant) marks the continuative aspect of action or state predicates whose subject is a 1st or 2nd person.


Compl: Completive

The completive aspect indicates that the action has been completely performed by all referents of the subject of an intransitive verb or on all possible referents of the object of a transitive verb.


Iter: Iterative

The iterative aspect expresses the repetition of an event observable on one single occasion. In Tekó, the iterative aspect is represented by the morpheme -eʔe (after a consonant) and -ʔe (after a vowel).



Prague Dependency Treebank

The PDT tagset does not distinguish Ptan from Plur and Coll from Sing, therefore this distinction is not being made in the converted data.

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