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This page pertains to UD version 2.

ccomp: clausal complement

A clausal complement of a verb or adjective is a dependent clause which is a core argument. That is, it functions like an object of the verb, or adjective. Such clausal complements may be finite or nonfinite.

Înțeleg că ești obosit . \n Understand-I that are-you tired .
ccomp(Înțeleg, obosit)
Noi putem schia . \n We can ski .
ccomp(putem, schia)

The clausal predicative of the copula verb a fi is also analysed as ccomp. NB: This is the only case when the copula verb a fi is treated as a head.

ROOT Noi suntem cum ne știi . \n We are how us know-you .
root(ROOT, suntem)
ccomp(suntem, știi)

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