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This page pertains to UD version 2.

ccomp: clausal complement

A clausal complement is a clause which modifies complements a verbal predicate. This dependent is a clausal argument of the predicate (or else it is an obl:obj), and the dependent is the main predicate of the subordinate clause.

Guajajara’s clausal complements are core arguments of the main predicate. They generally occur in reported speech and are core arguments of the reporting verb.

Epoʔo zo rihi , iʔi Zuze wazɨrpe . \n  Do not harvest yet, José told his daughter.
ccomp(iʔi, epoʔo)

When they appear with non-reporting verbs, they are accompanied by a subordinate marker and the verb takes relational markers.

Purutu wexak zawar tapiʔir izuka mehe iko . \n  Purutu saw when the jaguar was killing the tapir
ccomp(wexak, izuka)

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