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This page pertains to UD version 2.

DET: determiner

The English DET covers most cases of Penn Treebank DT, PDT, WDT. However:

Here are the English DET lexemes with associated morphological features (drawing on PronType, Definite, Number, and NumType):

Lexemes Features
a, an Definite=Ind|PronType=Art
the Definite=Def|PronType=Art
this, that Number=Sing|PronType=Dem
these, those Number=Plur|PronType=Dem
yonder PronType=Dem
all, both, each**, every PronType=Tot
half* NumForm=Word|NumType=Frac|PronType=Ind
no, neither, nary* PronType=Neg
any, some, another**, either PronType=Ind
such*, quite*, many* PronType=Ind
which, what, whatever PronType=Int or PronType=Rel

* Only DET as a predeterminer (PTB PDT)

** Except reciprocal each other and one another: see PRON

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